Joyce Museum. 

The original log train depot built in 1914 is home to the Joyce Museum.  Housing historical memorabilia from the towns of Joyce, Lake Crescent, Twin Rivers and the former town of Port Crescent you will find yourself surrounded by the rich history of the area.  The many displays of various artifacts is but a small part of what makes this museum stand out.  On shelves casually housing many historical books you can find nuggets of treasure that bring history to life.

Located next door to the Joyce General Store on Highway 112 the museum is maintained by the Joyce Museum Society.  Their efforts in gathering and restoring the various artifacts has been a labor of love for the society and one that any visitor will appreciate.  Stop by for a small taste of what life on this portion of the Olympic Peninsula would have been like.

Summer – Thursday – Monday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Winter   – Friday – Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Step inside the Joyce Museum and have a look around.  Photographs from the early days in the area abound.  In addition you will find newspaper clippings from past eras and many donated artifacts.

Discover some of the forgotten events that shaped this region for better and sometimes for worse.  Regardless the museum will give you a chance to step back in time and relive some of our greatest successes and our worst failures.

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Not only will you discover the history of the region in photographs and newspaper articles but the museum boasts a collection of the voting and registration rolls for this area.

Take time to search out the names of the early pioneers to the area as they registered to vote.  You can also trace their movements over time breathing life into the pen and pencil names on pages.

nImage 0004 Built as a train depot in 1914 the Joyce Museum has been lovingly and accurately restored to house treasured artifacts, pieces that connect those of us living here today with all those who came before.  And not just the pioneers that came by wagon and by train and by sea, but also those who were already here, the Native Americans.

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Too often our history texts give us names and dates to memorize if we want to pass a class.  What happens though after the class is completed?  For most of us those names and dates slip from our memory into obscurity.

The Joyce Museum is dedicated to bringing those names and dates alive in our minds and our hearts by painting a picture of life in our past, and putting a face on our ancestors.

nImage 0008 When you stop by the Joyce Museum we invite you to picture the Depot as it might have been.  Imagine living and working in such a place with the rains, the snows, and even the heat.  We take so much of our daily lives for granted so consider what it might have been like even in 1914.  That chair looks rather uncomfortable.  Aren’t you glad we have padded relining chairs these days?

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In an effort to bring as much history as possible to live the Joyce Museum Society has restored many artifacts of daily life from our past.  Once such objects is this lovely piano.

Can you imagine the types of music that might have been played by the hands that caressed its keyboard?  What might they have been thinking while they played?

The Joyce Museum is well worth the time to stop and explore it.  Who knows what stepping back into time might uncover for you.

Located at:
50883 Highway 112
Port Angeles, WA 98363
(360) 928-3568

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